Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Well-Phrased Question

I wish I wrote these words. They so perfectly capture that elusive idea of social location and the sociological perspective:

What if we all assumed, just for a day, that everyone was doing the best they could to get by. What if we assumed, just for a day, that poor people aren’t poor because they are less worthy, less smart, less hard-working, or just plain less? Where would that leave us?

It would leave us with a lot of questions. It would leave us asking how things got to be this way and what forces are at work keeping them this way. It would leave us wondering about how those inequities relate to accidents of geography, skin color, and birth. It would leave us wondering if those inequities aren’t accidental at all. And it would leave us asking who benefits from us distrusting each other so much.

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BroadSnark said...

Thanks for the link.

Nimo said...

wow. this makes me wish I has taken more sociology courses in college..and then it reminds me that sociology is everywhere in society. It does not have to be studied in class, as life is the best classroom.

gradmommy said...

how about that?