Monday, July 20, 2009


There's nothing like watching Enchanted with your kid to find out what she thinks about life. It seems as though my kid is anti-consumerist, does not believe love has to be forever to be true, does not believe that all people are inherently good, but does firmly believes good will always triumph over evil.

In one part of the movie, Giselle encounters a couple getting a divorce. When she discovers they are separating FOREVER, Giselle cries. The kid was mighty confused: "why is Giselle crying?"

"Well, she's sad that those two are not in love anymore. They're getting divorced."

"But maybe that's not sad for them. They don't seem to be sad about it."

Later in the movie, you see the same couple deeply in love, telling their divorce lawyer that the strange woman made them see how much they still love each other. Everyone has bad times, but that's no reason to scrap the good ones, too.

"Mom, what are they doing?"

"They've fallen in love again."

"Well, that's not how it usually happens in real life."

That made me sad.

Later Giselle goes to the little girl in the movie to ask for help finding a dress for the ball (no fairy godmothers in this world). The girl whips out her dad's emergency credit card, and says "This is an emergency!"

My kid's response: "Shopping for a new dress is NOT an emergency!"

That made me proud.

While getting their hair done, Giselle and the kid are talking about stepmothers, and Giselle says the prince has a stepmother that she hears is very nice (except she's not; she's trying to kill Giselle).

My kid: "Why does she say that?"

"Giselle just has a positive view of people. She believes everyone's nice."

Kid: "Oh that's just wrong. Not everybody's nice."

However, she does still believe in the unerring power of good. When the wicked stepmother exclaims that she will triumph over them all, my kid looked right at me and said, "She's wrong. Good ALWAYS wins."


Jason said...

I'm glad you posted this, because now I can use it for my next research project without getting IRB approval to interview kids.

I forgot the other thing I was going to say. Maybe that was it.

Anomie said...

Ah see having kids IS good for something! It's like raising your very own data points!

Jason said...

That's true. Now where did I put that Skinner box...

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...

did she wonder how the heroes were going to get off the skyscraper roof at the end, after they defeated the dragon-lady? cuz that part was totally unrealistic. :P

Gigi said...

Your daughter totally rocks!
...And so does your blog, by the way :)