Saturday, July 25, 2009

ASA Super Shuttle Discount!

SuperShuttle San Francisco is offering discounted shuttling services to American Sociological Association meeting-goers!

Between August 1-17, Annual Meeting attendees may obtain $2.00 off from San Francisco International Airport to ASA hotels (Hilton San Francisco and Parc 55 Hotel); and $4.00 from Oakland International Airport to ASA hotels(Hilton San Francisco and Parc 55 Hotel). ASA Discount code: THJK3

Make reservations on the website. I did a price check and to get from the airport to the ASA hotels is $15 with the ASA discount. Since the discount is only to ASA hotels, I also ran a check for the hotel I'm staying at, and it's $17 (no ASA discount).

UPDATE: The wonderful Wendy has also pointed out that you can take the BART for about $8. Maybe you'll have to wait a few more minutes for the next departure, and maybe you won't be dropped off at the hotel doorstep, but maybe you want to save yourself $7-9. It's a trade-off.


Jason said...

When I flew into SFO it was pretty easy to take the BART downtown. Looks like it costs $8.10. You buy your ticket from a machine. Just take it to the Powell St. Station.