Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have a fellowship!!!

I* received news today that I will be funded for 12 months, starting in June, via a research fellowship. Only two people in our department received this honor, so I am both excited and impressed with myself.

/head expands to twice its size

The funding will be about the same as my current salary, and includes tuition and insurance. It also comes with $600 towards my research expenses. w00t.

I think this is a good time to reflect on the progress of my New Year's Resolutions. To put things in perspective, as it were.

Academic Goals
1. submit a paper for the ASA conference. Accepted into roundtable.**
2. apply for SBE Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
3. apply for research grant which would allow me to work from home next year. SUCCESS! TEH MONIEZ, I HAZ IT!!!
4. enter at least one student paper competition
5. get a single-authored paper out and under review
6. get 4 3 coauthored papers out and under review
7. input my academic library into EndNote

Personal Goals
1. connect television to computer, so I can watch my digital movies on the t.v.
2. get all my music on my laptop AND my desktop, so I don't have to think about what is where
3. stain my coffee and end tables a darker color
4. get at least two professional massages
6. finish that knit hat I started oh so many months ago
7. complete a new knit item (started a new sweater)
8. sell my cds on
9. photograph my possessions for insurance record
10. do something with my old art, even if it is to sacrifice it to the fire gods
11. paint bedroom (well...husband painted bedroom)
12. scan old photos
13. move printer to closet (wireless setup)

Blog Goals
1. get a second side column up.
2. write a post all about anomie--the concept. Many people come here by Googling "anomie," and I'm not so self-centered that I think they're looking for me. Of course, a notable number of people also get here by Googling "happy porn," but I don't know what to do with that.
3. write one post per week that really is about sociology, in some way, shape, or form. (I haven't checked for sure, but I feel like I'm keeping this one up. That manuscript template should count for two, methinks.)

This was the biggie. I thought it would be most difficult and most important:

I shall NOT turn on my computer from waking to 1pm every Saturday. I will not get on ANY computer during this time. Instead, I will do arts and crafts, spend time with my family, explore the outdoors, sleep in, or simply read a book.

YES, I HAVE MANAGED TO STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER DURING THIS TIME! And yes, it has made a difference in my life.

*And by "I," I mean my major professor. Stupid grant funding rules. According to the terms of the grant, he could actually hand hand the fellowship--and the dissertation topic--over to someone else. Even though I was the one who wrote the grant and came up with the topic. Even though I know that in a million years, he would never do such a thing, it still sucks. Politics. Red tape. Bleh.
**I actually got a review of my paper from the section leader who rejected the paper and sent it on to the roundtable. This has never happened to me before (n = 2). He told me why he rejected it, but also told me that it was a good idea and if I fixed the "problem," the paper might be worthy of submission to his journal. Might. And worthy of submission is not the same as worthy of publication. But still, encouraging. It's a good journal.


kristina b said...

You are clearly, clearly fantastic. Perhaps you should go get one of those professional massages immediately!

gradmommy said...

Yay!! Congrats. I thought I'd be first, but kristina b beat me to it! But congrats anyway!!!

monsoon said...


Dan Myers said...

That's great! Congrats!!!!

Dave P. said...


Mike3550 said...

Anomie - congratulations! I know how much of a relief it can be to know that you have funding. And, way to go on your new year's resolutions. Maybe I should have blogged mine to have some sort of public accountability.

Anomie said...

Thanks, everyone! And it is SUCH a relief. I live two HOURS away from my school, and I was not looking forward to having to go next year just to teach, so that I'd have funding. It is very good to know that I can work from home.

I think the public accountability works great for the New Year's resolutions. That's why I posted mine, actually :) . I'm also hoping that blogging will keep me tied into sociology sufficiently, so that I don't drift away when I'm not going into campus every week.

And I intend to get that first professional massage scheduled forthwith!