Sunday, March 2, 2008

excessive nippliness

Monsoon and I were having a leisurely trip at the mall, when we noticed the mannequins in the PacSun display.

Holy nipples, Batman!

We had to stop and take a picture. Now, we are no prudes. But doesn't the alertness of these mannequin nipples seem excessive? Not to mention counterintuitive: I wouldn't be caught dead in a top that was so, er, revealing.

But it gets better. Further down in the mall is a Victoria's Secret store. Now, this is a place where one might expect pert nipples. We were surprised, however, to find that Victoria's Secret mannequins are actually sporting LESS nipple action. See for yourself:

First, most of the mannequins in the store are these cuddly pink polka-dot contraptions. They are fabric, and the breasts are merely hinted at.

They're kinda cute. Not at all inappropriate.

They look cuddly, really. Like (if they had heads and arms) giant dolls.

There are some sexier mannequins, however. So let's take a look at those, shall we...?

On these mannequins, we could see NO nipples through the fabric. So, we took a peek at the mannequin itself. Not so bad, really. Quite normal nipple pertness.

I have to state here, that the saleslady was looking at us quite oddly as we walked around photographing mannequins and discussing nipples. This is the second time I have freaked people out with my picture-taking expeditions. It's quite fun, really :) .

I think the award for most ridiculous mannequins has to go to JC Penny. Just look at those things.

Monsoon thought they looked anorexic. If you see one without the top, you can actually see the ribs between the breasts. And look at those nipples!

Someone please get those mannequins some sweaters.


withoutscene said...

When I was in Chicago last weekend I noticed the same thing in Macy's...and almost took pictures, but only had my shitty camera phone.

Nipples like that are obviously intentional...makes you wonder who the audience is. I certainly don't look at mannequins like that and wish I looked that way or wish I could wear those clothes so my nipples would look ever-so-extremely-pert. I think Victoria Secret is onto that.

Anomie said...

Exactly! The audience can't possibly be the target consumer, which is problematic in its implications. Unless we're both prudish in not wanting our nipples to show through our tops.

I think the only time I would consider that acceptable, if not desirable, is if I'm wearing something from Victoria's Secret. Ironically.

lvlmnly said...

i've noticed this before, but what squees me out even more is the mannequins in the little girls section. while i haven't seen nipples, there are clearly developed (and displayed) breasts on little, 10 year old bodies.

Anomie said...

yeah, we noticed that, too. didn't get pictures of those mannequins, though.

newsocprof said...

i wasn't going to comment but couldn't resist... have you also noticed an uptick in nipples on tv and in movies? at home, we first noticed it with repect to a certain 'friend' on Friends -- since we saw it there, we're noticing it all over (it's really getting in the way of our ability to enjoy sitcoms). i have two successful actor friends that tell me that this is, in fact, relatively new and by design (accomplished by keeping the studio/sound stage at very cool temperatures).

Anomie said...

That's ridiculous. If I were an actor, I would protest. Why should I be cold so that the audience can be titillated by my coldness? Ridiculous. And out of line, in my opinion. At the least, I'd be using those nipple covers they sell for just such occasions, and putting them under my bra.