Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sound the Trumpets!

For I have just completed my first official draft of my dissertation proposal! It has been sent to my major professor for review, and now I can spend the rest of break focusing on other projects.

Right after I get completely drunk and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the evening.

This proposal is important above and beyond its impact on my actually getting the go-ahead to do the research. I mean, after all, how good of a mentor would I have if he'd let me get this far with a project he wasn't going to approve?

What is especially important is that this proposal is doubling as an NSF grant. The SBE Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, to be specific. The grant proposal is due February 15, which is coincidentally the same day my dissertation proposal is due to my committee. Luckily, they have all agreed to look at my proposal twice: once before it is due to NSF, and once before my defense. Because they are such wonderful people. Heck, one of my committee members is someone I just met, when I asked her to be on the committee (this is her first year here). Even she agreed to read this thing twice within the span of a month!

And here's what's really awesome:

A professor in our department is on the NSF advisory panel and is a reviewer for the very grant for which I am applying. I know this because he sent an email to the department encouraging us to submit a proposal.

So I sent him a draft of my proposal and asked if he'd look at it.

At 10:00pm on Christmas Eve.

And he sent me a 3 page single-spaced response just after midnight. That same evening. Christmas Eve.


He said that he wanted to feel like he'd accomplished something before going on vacation. The accomplishment? Reviewing my proposal.

Isn't that awesome?

Did I mention that I only know this guy peripherally? He's not on my committee. I have never taken a course from him. I've just seen him around the department.

Whoever said professors at research institutions have no interest in dealing with students?


tina said...

Way to go, Anomie! Sounds like it will be a happy New Year's celebration for you.

Anomie said...

Thanks! It will be!

Jay Livingston said...

Congratulations, Ano. Grandeur indeed it is.

Cabell said...


marc said...

Here here! And I'm so glad to hear some positive reader stories for a change!

Anomie said...

It's always good to end the year on a postive note. I tend towards positivism, anyway :) .

Dave P. said...

Congrats and good luck!
dp (from radio free newport)

Mike3550 said...

Anomie - congratulations! I hope that you stuck to your plan and had a GREAT time celebrating!

Anomie said...

Oh, yes, definitely. The sorts of plans involving alcohol and sloth are the easiest to keep, don't you think?