Thursday, December 13, 2007

Looking for something good to do with your money?

This is a wonderful time of year to give! And might I suggest sending all your extra money here:

Campbell Elementary School
c/o Alexis Goggins Hero Fund
2301 E Alexandrine St, Detroit, MI 48207.

For information, call (313) 494-2052.

Checks should be made out to the Alexis Goggins Hero Fund.

So where would this money be going, do you ask?

To a single mother and child, to whom occurred the following:

A woman was standing outside her house with her 7yr-old epileptic daughter, waiting for a friend to pick them up (they had no heat nor a vehicle, so they were going to spend the night with her). By the time the friend arrived, an ex-boyfriend of the mother was there with a gun. He kidnapped them all, but the friend managed to stop for gas. She couldn't get the police to respond to her multiple calls for help. Eventually, the gas station attendant had to make the call for her.

But not before the man shot the mother. Then, her child stood between the two and asked him not to shoot her mom again.

So he shot her instead.

6 times.

It seems as though the child will live, but without an eye (at the least). The address is for the fund in Alexis' honor, in hopes of getting their heat back on, paying off their medical bills, and getting the girls some awesome Christmas gifts.

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