Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And this is how we DON'T contact our TAs....

One of my fellow graduate students came up to me yesterday with a strange story.

She went to her car and found a folded-up homework assignment for a sociology class. Written on the outside was the following:

Please email me at student@university.edu.
It's about sociology.

It would be strange enough if this note was from one of her students.

But it wasn't.

The homework assignment was from a class I TA'd for last spring. It was their very first worksheet, passed out on the first day of recitation. I recognized the student as having been in that class. My friend has never met or heard of this person.


Is this a case of mistaken identity? I don't look remotely like my friend. We don't have similar cars. Perhaps my friend is actually the intended recipient, and she has a reputation of which she was previously unaware for being the go-to person regarding sociology; after all, "It's about sociology." What a strange way to phrase it! Sociology is a broad topic. Does he have a question regarding sociology? Has he come to some amazing sociological realization? What? And why a note on the car windshield? Why not an email? And how did he find her car, anyway? And why was my worksheet being used as notepaper? Surely it has meaning - he can't possibly just have happened to have a worksheet he filled out ten months ago on his person, right?



Andrew said...

There's hopefully an innocent explanation - but until then, a little creepy it is. It smacks of stalker-like behavior, no?

Jason said...

One word -- apophenia.

carly said...

My immediate reaction: The student obviously has some super secret sociology spy job, for which your friend, as sociologist, is qualified. The student needed to make contact and therefore used the worksheet in order to prove some sociology cred, since meeting in person to verify said cred would obviously compromise both your friend's and the student's safety.