Thursday, October 18, 2007

And this is how we DON'T contact our TAs, part 2

I heard back from my classmate about the strange message left on her car windshield. She is, in fact a sociology superstar:

socstar (3:07:41 PM): i heard back from the student who left the note on my car
socstar (3:08:20 PM): last semester, on a snowy day, i was getting back to my car when a student, who had just missed the bus, asked if i would give him a ride up to [soc dept] because he was about to be late for his sociology test.
socstar (3:09:18 PM): we chatted in the car about social theory, and he's apparently in [the class] again and having trouble and said that our discussion helped him on his test last year and he wanted to know if i could help him with theory. CRAZY