Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sociologits, or Fun with Words

J (7:45:32 PM): For better or worse. I wish they were anthropologits.
J (7:45:35 PM): gists
A (7:45:41 PM): i like 'anthropologits'
A (7:45:49 PM): you could use that for the more stupid among you.
A (7:45:59 PM): i could use that to make fun of you as a group.
J (7:46:04 PM): and sociologits?
A (7:46:02 PM): haha
A (7:46:25 PM): there are sociologists, and there are sociologits
A (7:46:29 PM): i like it


yli said...

and you can even pronounce it socio-logits, as in logit models...

Anomie said...

Sounds like a statistical pathology...