Saturday, September 1, 2007

A 5yr Old Contemplates Death

A recent conversation with my daughter:

Daughter: "Mom, where do you go when you die?"
Mom: "Well, I don't know. Nobody really knows for sure."
Daughter: "Well, I know where I'll go. I think I want to be with Jesus when I die. Jesus lives in outer space."
Mom: "Really?"
Daughter: "Yes. But I don't know which planet he lives on. But when I die, the faeries will give me wings so I can fly to Jesus. They know where he lives and they will take me there."
Mom: "That's very nice of the faeries to do that."
Daughter: "Yes, that's how I got here. Before I was born. I used to have wings. When I'm a baby again, can I have my old toys back?"
Mom: "Sure. But that won't be for a very long time."
Daughter: "Yes. I like it here. I don't want to die yet. And I want to be with Jesus for a while first. In outer space."


monsoon said...

I'm glad she like it here and wants to stay for a while. She always manages to get a laugh out of me when I visit! Ah, children.