Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Month of Blogging, or Thereabouts

Aug 26 marked one month from my first post on this site. I can't believe I let it go by unnoticed! Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I was recovering from my birthday AND preparing for the first day of classes on that day. I only noticed today because I now have a full month of tracking from Site Meter. And what kind of quantitative sociologist would I be if I weren't completely obsessed with the data? So here's the low-down:

The Freese Effect (Myers 2006): I have that on my blog, too! On the 12th I posted tips on how to get your article published in a journal, and on the 15th it was linked by Jeremy Freese and Jim Gibbon (who found the post via Jeremy). Note the jump in traffic on the 16th and the 17th. Even now, 31% of my traffic has been from Jeremy's website, 6% from Jim, and the rest from Google, Blogger, etc.

Descriptives for Visitors:

  • Subscribers: 20
  • Total visitors: 535
  • Average per day: 18
  • Average visit length: 2:49
  • Total page views: 1066
  • Average per day: 34
  • 84% in U.S., but 26 countries total
Descriptives for Site:
Well, with 20 subscribers and 18 visits per day, I don't think this blog is poised to aid me in my quest for world domination. Yet......

Oh, but there is time.



Jay Livingston said...

The Freese effect: the day Jeremy posted that I'd misquoted him on my blog, the number of people who clicked on the link to see my egregious blunder tripled the usual amount of traffic.

marc said...

Congratulations on one month, and most impressive site statistics! For months sitemeter registered me at 150 visits per day, but they were never because of direct interest or linkage from other blogs: They were thanks to google image searches for "hair styles" and most recently "lemmings." Go figure.

Jim Gibbon said...

Congratulations, Wicked! You're off to a great start.

Don't forget your nominal data -- it may be too soon, but before long you should see some funny Google searches leading people to your site. Here are the top ten from my site.

anomie said...

Hmmm...the only really interesting Google searches were "Are Slytherins Evil?" and "classroom rape." A bit curious about the last one...

Someone searched "calls for paper+sociology+journal" and subsequently stayed on my blog for 13 minutes, visiting 2 pages. Not what they were looking for, but hey.

The most common search term is "wicked anomie." Figures.

Jim Gibbon said...

Btw, I mistakenly recalled that you left comments on my site as "wicked," but now I realize it was "anomie" -- sorry for calling you wicked. :)

tina said...

don't forget about all of us who use feed readers. we're here even when we don't visit.

er, that sounds creepier than it is.

Mike3550 said...

Congratulations! I have been blogging since last November and don't have stats like that!

I'm sorry that I missed you and everyone else at ASA this year, but hopefully I will have a chance to meet all of you next year!

Tom Bozzo said...

Congrats from another of your feed-reading lurkers.

BTW, new vistas have been opened for blog stats junkies (at least for Blogspotters) thanks to Google's acquisition of Feedburner (they're giving away some of their paid services for free, now) -- see here -- that allows seemingly reliable tracking of RSS-based visitors.

monsoon said...

Always knew you would have an impressive blog. Congratulations Sistah!

TDEC said...

I just randomly (well, sort of - via Unravelling) found this blog and the Harry Potter statistics post. Coolness. Great insight into the fuzzy feeling of discontent surrounding Rowling's treatment of Slytherins.

anomie said...

Thanks for the compliments and the congratulations, everyone!!!