Thursday, August 2, 2007

Are you paying attention???

Do you worry about nodding off during the presentations at your next conference? Do you find yourself sitting through presentations you don't find interesting merely to hear the one gem in a session? Well, you could try timing it so you enter the session right around when your presenter should be taking the stage. Lots of people do this, but this method has its drawbacks:

  1. Some find it rude and distracting.
  2. You may miscalculate and miss the presentation you want to see.
  3. You may calculate correctly, but miss the presentation anyway because the session organizer rearranged the schedule at the last minute.
So what's an enterprising individual to do? Figure out a way to stay engaged with those less-than-interesting presentations, of course! And I have just the solution:

Session Bingo!
Play with your friends in a different session!
Fun can be had by all!

  1. Open the link to the Bingo board in a new tab. Alternately, make your own!
  2. Print the board and trim edges.
  3. Carefully tape board to inside of your notebook.
  4. Collect some pennies to use for tokens.
  5. Glue an envelope to the inside of your notebook for holding your tokens.
And with that, you're all set. Go forth and have fun!

(On a related note, I've finally figured out how to convert my .doc files to .gif files! Now I don't have to take photos of my tables, like I did for my Harry Potter Statistics post. Woo-hoo!)